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A home electricity energy monitor is an easy way to see how much electricity you’re consuming - as you use it - and what it costs. It provides prompt, convenient feedback on electrical energy use. Some devices may also display cost of energy used, and estimates of greenhouse CO2 emissions in real time. It is also known as a "real time display". People who fit home energy monitors tend to find that their energy usage drops by between 5 percent and 15 percent in the first year of using them. Various studies have shown such a reduction in home energy use.

A sensor clamp from the power transmitter is attached to the cable from your electricity meter. The current is then measured and transmitted wirelessly to a monitor with display screen that you can keep anywhere in your house. The display portion is remote from the measurement, communicating with the sensor using a cable, power line communications, or using radio.

kilowatt-hour - unit of energy or work equal to one kilowatt for one hour. Abbreviated as kwh or KWH. This is the normal quantity used for metering and billing electricity customers. The price for a kwh varies from approximately 4 cents to 15 cents. At a 100% conversion efficiency, one kwh is equivalent to about 4 fluid ounces of gasoline, 3/16 pound LP, 3 cubic feet natural gas, or 1/4 pound coal.

Wireless electricity energy monitor

Most people who use a wireless electricity monitor do so to reduce energy consumption. Having a constant visual reminder of how much energy is being used at any given time, how much the energy costs and how much of an effect the energy use has on the environment can help people stay mindful of their energy use and remind them to turn off appliances when they aren’t using them. The monitors can also be used to figure out how much energy particular machines and appliances are consuming so users can determine how they can best reduce their energy use.

Sometimes, a wireless electricity monitor only shows how much energy is currently being used, but many wireless electricity monitors also store usage data and enable users to review their daily, weekly and monthly energy use. This tracking ability can help users review how they’re using electricity, stay motivated to continue using less electricity and develop strategies for reducing consumption. A wireless electricity monitor is not very expensive, and many users say they recoup the cost of the monitor in just a month or two by using less energy.

Sailwider-SmartPower Electricity Monitors

China Wireless Electricity Energy Monitor from Sailwider-SmartPower

One great way to find out how much electricity each of your household appliances and electronic devices uses is with a wireless electricity power/energy monitor, which shows you in real time exactly how much money your total home or office electricity usage is costing you. These monitors can help you reduce your electricity consumption by as much as 20% simply by showing you what you are using. Sailwider-SmartPower is a developer and manufacturer of wireless electricity power monitor and controlling system.

uni-directional (1-way) electricity power energy monitors

Most electricity energy monitors in the market are uni-directional (1-way) only, that means you can only get energy consumption information from the monitor. The bi-directional (2-way) wireless electricity power monitoring and control system from Sailwider-SmartPower makes the user not only able to monitor the electricity usage, but also can easily remote control the connected electrical appliances wirelessly, providing great convenience to electricity efficiency management.

bi-directional (2-way) electricity power energy monitoring and control system

Tips to reduce electric bill

It is a fact that most current energy-saving solutions seem too expensive and payback periods are sometimes impractical. Unfortunately most people ignore or simply refuse to consider this context, but whether we like it or not energy saving is now a must! There are various stages as to how to save on energy; the ideal one being, of course, the planning stage before actually building a new structure.

These energy-saving possibilities are very effective. There are also retro-fit ideas one can use if the structure is already built - subject to existing conditions, a subject to be discussed in another article. The idea behind energy saving is simple - rather then turning totally green and trying to save 35 per cent of energy, which very possibly means altering drastically a comfortable lifestyle, it just falls down to saving what is at most times wrongly used and wasted. There are proven ways of how to save energy by changing wasteful habits and methods - all we need to do is simply implement them.

1) If you are going to buy new appliances this year, choose eco-friendly products. They tend to be more expensive, but they will save you money in the long run. Look out for the guarantees though, to make sure the appliances will survive long enough to get your money's worth.

2) As an alternative to energy-guzzling appliances do this: only heat up rooms you are using, warm up with more clothes and blankets instead of electric heaters, wash your clothes in cold instead of hot water and use a clothes line or a laundry rack instead of a tumble dryer. If you have an electric hob and oven consider buying an alternative gas hob to use for things that take long to cook, and use a microwave oven instead of the electric one.

3) If your fridge was built more than eight years ago, the chances are that a substantial part of your electricity bill is being spent on its inefficiency. Changing it now, while the running cost is increasing, will be an investment worth making. If you don't think it's worth replacing just yet, check the condition of the door's seal and replace it if it is damaged.

4) If you use air-conditioning, try installing ceiling fans instead. They are incredibly more efficient, even when compared to standing fans. And if you must switch on your AC, make sure the doors and windows are closed, switch on the timer, and set the temperature at a steady comfortable level. Also note that if you want to heat a room, air-conditioning is more efficient that electric heating, but gas heaters are a better idea.

5) If you have not done so yet, make the switch to energy-saving light bulbs. No need to wait for the government to give out the free bulbs it promised - those can be made use of later. Traditional bulbs use up more electricity on producing heat than giving off light - they are just not worth having anymore. Also, switch off lights and appliances whenever you do not need them on. The impression that switching on and off electrical appliances and light bulbs means more consumption than leaving them on is a myth. Lighting absorbs 30 per cent of the total energy consumption, so saving here helps substantially. How many times do we leave lights on unnecessarily? Before switching on the lights, see if you can open a blind/curtain to let some natural light in

6) You cannot save much from computers, but simple things can make a difference. Keep your computer on sleep instead of on screensaver. And if you still use the old CRT (curved) screens, replace them with newer LCD flat-screens. The latter are far more efficient.

7) Buy a timer for your water heater (geyser) so that it only switches on an hour before you actually need the hot water. They do not cost much, but if you are ready to time your shower schedule accordingly, you can make big savings. Also, set the temperature to around 55 degrees Celsius, not more. You can also choose to replace your electric with a more efficient gas water heater or better still a solar water heater. When offset against the recurring cost of the new bills, the money spent on replacing your old electric unit can be recouped in a short span of time.

8) Be bathroom-efficient. Install a water-efficient showerhead, and shorten your showers by a couple of minutes. If you have baths, try use a little less water each time. When shaving, switch off the tap, and try washing your face and brushing your teeth in the shower. Don't let water run continuously while shaving, washing your teeth or hair.

9) Save water by running your dishwasher and washing machine only when they are full. Are we aware that nearly 50 per cent of our water consumption is taken up by flushing? Consider using a half flush rather than a full one - if your flushing unit does not host this half-flush option, I suggest you change it before the next water bill - you will be saving 25 per cent on all future water bills.

10) Collect the water you use for washing vegetables and fruit and use them to water the plants.


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