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We focus on latest technologies and develop practical & competitive products for the fields of wireless energy saving monitoring and control system as well as monitoring integration of in-home display (IHD) for smart meters, solar inverters and etc based on various communication interfaces (such as RS-232, RS-485 and etc.) and different communication protocols, including 433MHz, Mbus, ZigBee, and etc.

We are the original developer and manufacturer for the wireless electricity energy monitoring and controlling system with strong R&D background and rich production experience. If you are looking for a reliable supplier in this field, you really can't miss us.


1. 1-way Electricity Energy Monitor

2. 2-way Electricity Energy Monitor and Control System

Can be integrated with Home Solar Plant Monitoring Function

Can be integrated with Home Solar Plant Monitoring and Control Function


energy monitors

The 1-way wireless home electricity energy monitor is for monitoring purpose with low cost. It provides real-time, prompt and convenient feedback on electrical energy consumption.
With developed function, it can also be used to monitor the home solar plant production and home electricity consumption....more

electricity monitors with control function

The 2-way electricity management system not only monitors but also sends command to the sensor sockets to realize remote control of the connected appliances.
With developed function, it can also be used to manage the relationship of home solar plant production and home electricity consumption....more


3. Wireless In-home Display (IHD) based on Zigbee, Mbus, 433Mhz and etc.

Can be integrated with smart meters, solar inverters and other home information center.

smart meter IHD, smart meter in home display, zigbee, mbus, 433Mhz


4. Centralized Electricity Power Management Network


electricity monitoring and control system

Our centralized electricity power management system allows the computer to monitor and manage all the energy consuming appliances in a larger quantity and within a larger area. It is a perfect solution for schools, buildings, factories, large companies....more



4. We adopt our own developed RCS-S09U Universal ISM Band FSK Transceiver Module for our products


RF modules

Our RCS-S09U is a compact and low cost FSK wireless transceiver module based on ISM band. Its core circuit adopts RF transceiver chips of the unique PLL technology. The module provides an SPI interface so that the MCU can conveniently realize the parameter settings and other functions via software.This module is integrated with all RF related functions and parts. By providing several simple digital I/O interfaces, the module makes it possible for users with very little knowledge of radio-technology to easily develop stable and reliable wireless products.....more

Home energy monitors, or real time displays, work to save you money by showing you how much electricity you are using.

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We believe that every customer deserves individual attention so all emails get replied to personally and you will find we are a very friendly and approachable company to do business with. We very much look forward to serving your Energy Monitor & electricity monitor needs now and in the future.

Our wireless electricity monitors also have the ability to connect to a personal computer. The transmitter unit can stream energy usage data to a device connected to the computer, usually through a universal serial bus (USB) port. Computer software that comes with the data receiver typically enables detailed electricity tracking and reporting.

The system allows you to be aware of the energy usage of your house. It can help to show where energy is being wasted and make the whole household more aware of what they are using. It can show clearly how much of a difference a little effort can make, for example displaying the impact turning off lights or turning a TV fully off can make in terms of money spent. It can allow you to identify the devices in your home consuming the most electricity which can help you to use these less, or upgrade them to more energy efficient models. Through learning more about exactly how electricity is being used within a household you can identify ways of reducing your electricity usage and so lower your energy bills.


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Our smart products let the users see in real time how much electricity is being consumed and what need to be done to save energy.

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