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Wireless 1-way home Energy Monitor - Solar Version

We welcome OEM/ODM projects. The appearance design, LCD displays and button operations can be customized.

Working Diagram of 1-way home energy monitor (Solar Version):

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Model No.RCS-S22F


RCS-S22F is the solar version, using the same case as RCS-S22A but with different LCD displays.
Support 2pcs 1-way transmitters (
1pc of transmitter will be used to monitor the electricity output of the solar home plant, the other transmitter will be used to monitor the electricity consumption of the whole home).
The transmitter can have up to 3pcs sensor clamps to support support 1, 2, or 3-phase.
If necessary, this item can be customized to support 15pcs 1-way transmitters.
This item can run on both power adapter and 3*AAA batteries.
The LCD display the data of the home energy consumption, solar production and their balance in real time.

What are included in the standard package set?
1pc display unit
1pc power adapter (plug can be customized according to different standard)
2pc one-way transmitter (with 2pcs C batteries inside)
2pc sensor clamps each fixed on one transmitter.

RJ45-USB data cable is optional to support link with PC.

Optional 3 kinds of sensor clamps for different diameter of cable: 10mm, 18mm and 25mm.

10mm, 18mm and 25mm sensor clamps for detecting of current

The transmitter supports up to 3pcs sensor clamps to allow data collection from 1, 2 or 3-phase

Installation of 1-way home solar energy monitoring system

1-way home solar energy monitoring system installation


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